"I learned that anyone can tap into their spiritual energy and powers."-- Ameenah

Spiritual Confidence Coaching

I am a passionate spiritual seeker, meditator, angel scribe, and love warrior.  I have no doubt that my purpose and mission in this lifetime is to help people awaken and evolve on their spiritual journey.  I call myself (and the angels agree) an irreverent spiritualist.  I'm imperfect and evolving, but am in alignment more often than not.  I'm mostly peace, love, and light; but my halo's a tad crooked.  In other words, I'm flawed but highly effective! 

As an angel scribe and channel, I am able to bring next level enlightenment and guidance to my clients.  It is always your choice to include (or not) the angels in your coaching, but their presence definitely adds an incredible dimension to our sessions.

If you are interested in exploring your spirituality, or adding more spiritual tools to your life, here are some of the things I can help you with:

  • assist in your awakening
  • finding the Divine within
  • mind/soul alignment
  • self-love
  • connecting to your angels and spirits
  • meditation practice
  • identifying spiritual values
  • hearing and trusting your intuition
  • creating and manifesting
  • creative visualiztion
  • personal healing and spiritual growth
  • the Law of Attraction
  • automatic writing (scribing)
  • inner peace
  • soul purpose

My spiritual coaching clients run the gamut from Baptist and Buddhist to Jewish and Jehovah Witness to the newly awakened and agnostic.  They tend to breakdown into two distinct groups--those who are  exploring their spirituality; and those whose religious faith  dictate their actions. Most clients come to work on specific issues and we are able to integrate their beliefs, values and other spiritual tools and use them to help solve their problems in a deep, loving, heart centered manner.   

It's all good because  whether you're into God, Source, the Divine, Jehovah or Mother Wisdom, I firmly believe the role of spirituality is to comfort and support you for being the person you are, and I will respect your beliefs and meet you where you stand. My goal is to help all of my clients find truth and achieve their goals for their highest good.   If you're ready to start exploring your spirituality, let's talk.

The loving empowerment that comes with being spiritually connected to the  universe is limitless.

The loving empowerment that comes with being spiritually connected to the universe is limitless.

Angel Insights

Here's  brief explanation of angel scribing and how these personal messages are incorporated into your coaching.   More