My main reason for seeking life coaching was  day in and day out I felt  overwhelmed and stuck. I was also dealing with Postpartum Depression and needed some calm and encouraging help to navigate my life. Having Lori as a confidence coach was literally one of the best decisions I've ever made in my life! 

Prior to coaching, I had seen a couple of different therapists, and while they did offer a listening ear,  I wasn't making progress and eventually stopped going. However, when I started working with Lori, the difference was immediate and lasting. She offered a listening ear but she also asked the right questions to help me pull out my truth. She helped me learn how to get in tune with my emotions and feelings and get down to their root cause..  Each session she helped me find major takeaways I could put into action right  in that moment. She gave me accountability, clarity, encouragement, and the right tools to not only get through life but to learn how to live it well! 

I absolutely achieved the results I was looking for.  I gained valuable skills to lessen my anxiety, deal with depression, and up my confidence in myself and the power of my own voice. As a result of our coaching sessions I can appreciate what emotional and mental maturity  means and how to achieve it. I now make it my personal goal each day to operate as the grown-up, emotionally mature version of myself, and I have Lori to thank for that!   Telyse, Atlanta, GA


Good Words

It's Possible

"I didn't know what to expect when I started, and was a bit skeptical.  I quickly overcame the skepticism after the first session! Working with Lori made me realize that happiness is achievable in parts of my life where I didn't think it was possible."  Linda, NJ

It Feels Good

"My husband used the word, "beautiful."  I'm not used to hearing or believing that, but I believe him now. It feels good to be noticed."  Karen, MI


"Lori's gift is evident in the accuracy and relevance of the messages she shares, and leaves no doubt to the authenticity of her true spiritual connections. My sessions have been life changing."  Alisa, NY

"You are good! Thanks for helping navigate and communicating with the Universe on my behalf."-- Sam

more Good words

Improved My Life

"Her loving approach pulled a veil off a bounty of unlimited opportunities that are present for my choosing.  This has improved my life, not just my acting career!  If Lori has popped up on your radar, RUN!  Don't walk to make an appointment. There is a reason she has."  Meghan, NJ

Believe in Yourself

"I came into this with the attitude, yeah, it's easy to feel beautiful and sexy when your already look that way.  Now I know that it's easier to feel those things if you believe them about yourself.  I've finally stopped comparing myself to other women."  Lucy, VA

Confident Example

"Lori brought confidence, compassion, and intuitiveness to every session. Her confidence in her own skills and abilities set a wonderful example for me as that was something I was struggling with. She helped me to see firsthand that she not only knew what she was talking about but also that she lived it."  -- Ann, CA

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