"Lori is a LIFE coach who listens with her soul and brings balance to disorder." -- Meghan

Lori Bryant Woolridge

This is Me...

Hey, I'm Lori, a certified Professional Life Coach (CPC), Spiritual Coach (CSC), and ACC certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF).  All this alphabet soup means to you is that my twelve years of coaching experience is backed up by a lot of professional training.  

While my coaching scope covers a myriad of common issues, I specialize in feminine confidence and esteem building for women, spiritual seekers and creatives. Experience has taught me that lack of self-love is at the root of just about everything.  It simply presents itself in a variety of irritating and unhelpful ways. So no matter what behaviors we're addressing, we'll also be working on you falling in love--with yourself!  I believe this to the reason my clients tell me they get so many lasting results from our coaching.  

I'm also  the founder of Stiletto U, a virtual university that promotes feminine and sexual esteem through books, workshops and retreats.  I'm an Emmy Award-winning writer and the author of eight books, including The Power of Wow: A Guide to Unleashing the Confident, Sexy You and Weapons of Mass Seduction.  I've been interviewed by, or contributed to numerous periodicals including, The Huffington Post, Cosmopolitan, Psychologies, Working Mother, and Essence magazines, as well as iVillage.com, Examiner.com, to name a few; and have appeared on numerous radio and television programs.

Whew!  Okay, that's the official bio, here's the one that really matters to you.  I love coaching and I'm committed to helping you truly transform.  I bring several unique tools to the situation, including a dozen years of experience, intuitiveness, a command of creating and manifesting as well as the Law of Attraction, and receiving direct guidance for you from the Angel realm.  I work hard for each of my clients, tailoring every session and growth work assignment to their individual needs. Most importantly, our work is centered around joy and positivity.  

As your coach, I will do my very best to honor your feelings, respect your confidence, and never, ever judge.  I'll meet you where you are, help pull you up to where you want to be, all the while making you feel supported as I gently hold you accountable.  And I promise, any tears shed will be equally matched with laughter and joy and the positive knowing that your life is about to change in the direction of your highest good.  

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Inspired Transformation

Our goal is to help you make true and lasting changes, not just temporary fixes. Where your mind goes, your butt follows, and we'll help you change the negative beliefs that are taking you nowhere. Your SOL transformation will empower you create the inspired life you deserve and desire, built on unlimited possibilities instead of self-imposed limitations.    

Angel Insights

 One of the unique tools I bring to the table is my ability to  channel messages directly from  the angelic realm.  Clients who opt in, will receive personal guidance, scribed the morning of their sessions.  As my clients will tell you, they are freaky, fabulous cool, and always on point.  Client Example

True Masters Learn Through Joy

 Happiness is a choice and we're all about helping you choose joy over angst and anxiety.  We believe in finding silver linings where there may seem to be none.  We'll support you through your downs, cheer you during the ups, all the while helping you transform into not the new you, but the TRUE you.  

Confidence and Esteem

 Experience has revealed nearly every issue, from poor body image to bad relationships to stalled careers is rooted in a lack of self-confidence and esteem.  Falling in love with yourself is consistent byproduct of our SOL coaching, no matter what the problem.  And guess what? Loving yourself is world transforming.  The love this world needs starts with you!

Custom Growth Work

In addition to the solutions and steps you create, you'll receive custom Growth Work to aid with your transformation.  And while some clients make more progress than others, EVERY client leaves feeling happier and more confident in their ability to DO, or at least TRY.  Don't discount baby steps...they still move you forward! 

SOL Toolkit

 Once our coaching sessions are over,  each SOL coaching client leaves our care with a set of custom tools designed to aid in your continued evolution and growth.  One such important tool is learning how to find and listen to your own intuitive wisdom.  Others include angel messages, guided meditations, and visualizations. 

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