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Angel Readings and Insight are single sessions designed to enlighten and allow you the maximum understanding and impact of these powerful, personal messages on your personal and spiritual growth. As an angel messenger, I receive their guidance for you, and as a spiritual coach,  help you understand and incorporate it. These supportive and insightful sessions last 60-minutes.   

ARI Session: $150  Discounts are available for multiples.    


Prior to us connecting for your angel reading, I will meditate and receive your personal message from the Angels. Your session will revolve around this message and I will coach you through to connect the dots between their guidance and your situation.  Often additional information comes through during the session.  You will receive a recording and a written transcript of your personal Angel message.


It's important to understand that Angel messages are NOT predictive like a psychic reading.  These are gentle supportive messages from the angelic realm meant to give you insight and help guide you through whatever issues are currently perplexing you.  

If you are interested in a psychic reading, check out our affiliate coach, Whitney.  

Angel Insight Messages

Here's a brief explanation about how angel messages work with your coaching.  

Please note:  Angel messages are part of my spiritual coaching and are included for all clients on an opt-in basis.

Angel Insights for A.S.


A.S.  came to me following her separation from her husband of over 20 years.  She was trying to figure out how to leave her emotional baggage in the past and move forward in her life.  Most of all, she needed to allow herself to feel her emotions so she could move past them.  A.S. spoke a good spiritual game, but the Angels called her on it--with love, of course! Here's the first of several Angel messages I received and scribed for A.S.  Make note: but for punctuation, I do not change or edit these messages in any way.  You will notice the pronoun shift between the first and second paragraphs, almost as if the beginning is a note for me and the rest for her.  Also, they often make personal and specific references only the client would know so they recognize the validity of the message.  I am often just as surprised as they are!  

“Disingenuous. A.S.’s words do not match her actions. Her heart is pure and genuine, but her actions belie that genuineness. Be gentle with your understanding.  Her spirituality has become her new place to hide her true emotions. She hid in the wildness of her youthful ways. She hid in the unfulfilled space of lovers and husband. She hides now in her Zen. She hides in plain sight in the light. To transform, she must step out of the edges and into the revealing light of her soul. There she must allow herself to see what pains her; feel what freezes her; and live the love that eludes her. There, deep into the light, she will learn to love all that she is and then will she know how to love all whom she desires. 

"Be genuine in your search in order to achieve the outcome you seek. The entire universe conspires to love and uplift you. COME CORRECT! Be gentle in your listening as your spirit is strong and defiant. This has protected you well through much pain and broken heart moments. Be light. Surrender into the light. Know that we support you and will not let you fail. Bring your strength into this as softly as you can. Let your strength be shown no longer as defiance but as flexibility like the trees. Like the waves of the sea you love so much. Let the truth wash over you and recede, leaving in its wake...LOVE. True love. Love of self. Still wild but tamed by truth. Still defiant but through belief not fear. Still strong but open to receive. Still YOU but whole."-- So Says the Light.

*I have replaced her name with initials to protect her privacy.

A.S.  stopped the session to text me this.  BTW, the ocean is her refuge. The Angels always know!

A.S.  stopped the session to text me this.  BTW, the ocean is her refuge. The Angels always know!

So Says the Light

One with Source

One with Source

One with Source


"When you feel one with yourself and the Divine, is not bliss the emotion you experience?  This is the way. Life is not meant to be a difficult journey. Life is meant to be one of loving discovery and peaceful existence."


One with Source

One with Source


"Completeness must be felt within.  Nothing and no one can bring this to you.  This is your journey.  Once you take the necessary steps to find the love you seek within, the completeness will be felt and love will no longer feel illusive."

Love Received

One with Source

Love Received


"You feel that love has failed you in many ways. One must ask where one failed oneself in love. Do not blame those whose love you do not feel has lived up to the love you deserve. The love you received is the same as the love you offered."

Love is Blind

The Awakening

Love Received


"Love is love.  Love sees no form. That is our message about homosexuality, bisexuality, transgender, and all other expressions of sexuality. The soul does not recognize form.  The soul does not recognize gender.  Only energy.  Only love."


The Awakening

The Awakening


"Humans have come to interpret the idea of soulmates as a once in a lifetime relationship. In truth, one has many  soulmates in this lifetime. Friends, parents, siblings, family, even perceived enemies are all soulmates. Recognize each for who and what they are--a vehicle in this lifetime in which to grow and fulfill your purpose."

The Awakening

The Awakening

The Awakening


"It is time for the women to assume their rightful place in this world.  The chaos you are now experiencing is the result of the feminine and masculine energies being out of balance. Without balance there can be no peace. It is time to raise the vibration of feminine energy.  It is the only way to push back the darkness man has unleashed."