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SOL Circle

Join our fantastic, always inspirational, never a dull moment, community of women who gather online to gab and giggle as we grow into the best versions of ourselves. We meet five times a year to discuss topics, chosen by you, and facilitated by Feminine Confidence Coach, Lori Bryant Woolridge, and pelvic specialist, Dr. Shelia Craig Whiteman. From getting your flirt on, to unraveling the mysteries of love, to the love and care of your treasured lady bits, we promise you 90-minutes of insight, information, and inspiration. 

All SOL Circles are held online in our always zesty Zoom Room, where information and inspiration  shines.  Following a 30-minute seminar, the circle becomes  a dynamic, interactive session full of chat, questions and answers--given sometimes from us, sometimes from you.  

Join our judgment free circle where our motto is: "Being Yourself Can Never Be Wrong"   Register below.                       

April 10th -- LOVE 101

 What's love got to do with it?  Everything! Love is the thing we want the most, understand the least, and fear as much as desire.  Lori will break down love in all it's many magical forms to help you understand and improve the loving relationships in your life.  

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May 15th -- Stop the Drip!

In Part 1 of her Luscious Lady Bits series, Dr. Shelia is here to help with urinary leakage (yep, we're keepin' it real). Whether it is a few drops when you cough or sneeze or wetting through your pants with a good laugh it happens.  She'll  discuss the common causes, and ways to reduce, stop and prevent leakage. She'll also go through a short exercise session to strengthen your pelvic  muscles  and stop the drip! 

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June 19th -- Weapons of Mass Seduction Flirt Clinic

 June 19th-Weapons of Mass Seduction Flirt Clinic Flirting is one of the things that makes being a woman so much damn fun!  So let your inner flirt out to play! Whether you're single and looking to mingle or married and wanting to charm your mister, Lori will give you ways to lose the fear of rejection and tips to up your flirt game. 

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Sept. 18th -- Mysteries of the Big O (rescheduled)

Let's face it, getting older has it's challenges. But relax, we're all in this together!  In Part 2 of her Luscious Lady Bits series, Dr. Shelia is going to break down the care and work--yes, work--you should be doing to keep your orgasms strong and sex pain free.  

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