"I’m so ready for the next phase of my life. I have you to thank and I'm forever GRATEFUL!"--Tiffany

Pre and Post Divorce

Divorce is hard.  It can leave you hurt, feeling lost and unsure about who you are and where you belong.  I know, I did it after 31 years of marriage.  It was tough but I was determined to step away feeling whole, happy and ready to begin my new life.  I did, my clients have, and so can you.  

Most of our pre divorce clients come to us for help in deciding whether to end their marriage, and once they make the decision, we help them prepare emotionally and spiritually for the transition ahead.  Our pre divorce coaching focuses on helping you honor and eliminate your hurt, fear and anger; set  goals, and deal with any guilt, so you can work with your lawyer clear-headed and focused on your end goal. This is important because unchecked emotions only extend the legal proceedings, drive up the cost, and create a lot of unnecessary animosity, which can negatively impact your future.   

Life after divorce can be absolutely fantastic, but sometimes it's hard to see that when you're going through it.  One of the best silver linings to be found after the end of a committed relationship is the chance for you to recreate yourself and your life in your own image. And we're here to  assist in your inspired transformation.  Here are just a few areas we can help:

  • Self-esteem/confidence building
  • Self-discovery
  • Life purpose
  • Passion identification
  • Anger release
  • Jealousy
  • Forgiveness
  • Dating/Relationship reentry
  • Flirting and Social Confidence
  • Sexual Confidence
  • Setting Boundaries
  • Navigating family life as an ex