I'm so glad you're here.  The fact that you've found us tells me that the Angels have conspired to bring us together, and I love it!  Nothing in this world happens by chance, including you reading this right now!

Because you're here, it's a good bet that you are in search of something.  Love?  Confidence?  A relationship? Your purpose? Peace of soul?  And if you are in search mode, it's probably safe to assume that you're feeling restless, dissatisfied and out of balance with yourself and your life as it stands. If the rut you're in is beginning to feel like a permanent home, don't worry.  Actually, it's a good thing! Restlessness is simply growth in motion, and all this angst is telling you that it's time to move on to the next amazing and powerful edition of yourself. 

Here's a quick  look at our specialty niches that fall under our confidence coaching umbrella.  While these have become our specialites, there's not much along the general life coaching lines that  we can't handle.  And if we can't, we'll refer you to one of our affiliated coaches who can.  Click on the picture for more information.


Feminine Confidence

Feminine Confidence, sexy, sexual confidence, self-esteem, self love,

In a world where beauty standards and the What's Hot and What's Not list are ever changing, it's no wonder that most women feel anything but comfortable and sexy in their own skin.  Even if you've spent a lifetime feeling invisible, we'll help you get in touch with your unique power of wow and unearth the confident, authentically sexy you.

Spiritual Confidence

Spiritual Coaching, spiritual awakening, spiritual evolution, spirituality, Angels

Is there a God?  What is my soul?  How do I access my intuition?  What is the Law of Attraction and how can I use?  What is love?  How do I learn to meditate?  For the spiritually curious, we'll help you follow your questions to the amazing spiritual awakening that awaits you, and use your spiritual confidence as your life's foundation.

Creative Confidence

Creative coaching, writers, creative confidence, writing mentor, creative blocks, writers block

When the pursuit of the very thing that makes your heart sing is fueled by rejection and frustration, it can be tough to stay motivated and confident in your  artistic quests.  I know, with eight books under my belt and a desire to write more, the boogie man never seems far away.  Let's push through those blocks and keep the creativity flowing.

Love and Relationship Coaching

Love, relationships, dating, relationship and dating coach, law of attraction, attract like energy

Whether you're looking for your soulmate or trying to figure out the relationship you're in, we can help. The secret to our successful approach is to change your focus from the quality of love you receive, and instead work on the quality of love you give.  We'll show you how like energy attracts like energy and help you put the Law of Attraction to work for you to create the sustained and fulfilling relationship you crave.  Watch this

Pre and Post Divorce Coaching


Divorce is hard.  I know, I did it after 31 years of marriage.  But I was determined to step away feeling whole and happy and with my family intact.  I did, my clients have, and so can you.  While your lawyer has your back, we'll help you get ready for your F.A.B. post divorce life by focusing on the future; accepting and appreciating your past; and blossoming  into your future.  

Millennial Coaching

Millennial Angst, Post college anxiety, Millennial coach, anxiety, young adult anxiety

For many millennial, adulthood does not look like what they've always envisioned. Most have no sense of where their life is going, and factor in the pressure of having to "become something before 30," high unemployment rates for college graduates, social and relationship uncertainties, and many feel like a failure before their lives have really begun.  We work with young adults to help them find their center while they figure out their future, and give them the confidence needed to pursue it.

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