"I'm more attractive. The inner happiness I have now is apparent on my face." --Dina

The Power of Wow

I began my coaching practice  in 2007, as a sensuality coach, through my virtual university, Stiletto U.   For over ten years, I have been helping women understand their unique brand of sexy, unearth, and unleash their own Power of Wow.

Society has done a great job of teaching us women to be good at what we do, but has done a horrific job at teaching us how to be good at who we are.  Nobody tells us how to be a healthy, sensual, confident sexual being.  In fact, rather than teach us, they go out of their way to confuse us--particularly when it comes to our feminine confidence--the essense of our sensual, sexual selves.  

Whether you're a new mom or menopausal mama; recently divorced or married and looking to find the sexy, dynamic you again, if you're tired of feeling invisible, are looking to get your sexy back, or just want to feel comfortable in the skin you're in, we're here to help you find, not the new you, but the TRUE you.  Here are some other areas where we can help:

  • Feminine esteem
  • Body image
  • Sexual confidence
  • Social confidence (flirting)
  • Self-love
  • Self-worth
  • Joyful living
  • Dating 
  • Relationships
  • Sensual celibacy
  • New Mom relationship transitions
  • Keeping the me in mommy
  • Life transitions
  • Getting your sexy back
  • Sensuous living

Isn't time to stop wishing for, and start being, the amazing, confident, sexy woman you are meant to be?  If yes is the answer, let's talk.

Being yourself can never be wrong!

Being yourself can never be wrong!

The feminine awakening

It's the time of the woman, and the Angels are here to tell you why. Check it out.