"Lori helps nurture your ability but also exorcise the insecurities every writer feels."-- Regina

Creative Confidence Coaching

When the pursuit of the very thing that makes your heart sing is fueled by rejection and frustration, it can be tough to stay motivated and confident in your artistic quests.  I know. With eight books under my belt, both fiction and nonfiction, and a desire to write more, the boogie man never seems far away.  "Why would anyone want to read (hear, watch, buy) my work?" "How do I know if my ideas are any good?" "Why do I feel like I have to choose between my family and my art?" If these thoughts, or anything similar, have been clogging up your brain, I can help you push through those blocks and keep the creativity flowing. 

While my clients include actors, photographers, and artists, the majority are writers.  For any creative, one quickly realizes that talent is not enough.  It's that combination of confidence, ego, perseverance, and talent that separates the one from the million we're always hearing about. My job as a creative confidence coach is to help you work through your creative fears by finding their cause, and to support and motivate you as you "put yourself and your work out there."

Because I've been writing and publishing books with major publishing houses since the 1999, teaching writing classes for over 20 years, and am an Emmy award winner, the expertise I can offer writers of all genres is much more expansive.  In addition to helping you with your confidence and finding your authentic writer's voice, I also offer editorial consulting, helping you go from idea to completed manuscript.  

Here's how I can help you get your creativity on:

  • Finding your artistic confidence
  • Working through blocks
  • Developing productive work habits
  • Expanding creativity
  • Artist/Family Conflicts
  • Life/Art Balance
  • Developing your creative Intuition


  • Plotting out your novel
  • Character development
  • Dialogue
  • Creating conflict and tension
  • Erotic fiction
  • Writing techniques and craft
  • Writing a non fiction book proposal
  • Editorial Services

Inspiration is God whispering in your ear.

Inspiration is God whispering in your ear.

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